Hey all, we are Heather and Michael and we started a YouTube channel called 'Four Acres' back in April of 2020. We were both divorcees with two kids a dog and two cats living in southern Vermont. As our relationship developed, we decided to combine our family and bought our first house together. It was a fixer upper and listed as a two bedroom. Seeing how we were now a family of 6 people, 2 dogs and 4 cats (and currently 6 chickens)- we obviously needed to make more room! Being inexperienced at basically everything- we dove in head first and haven't stopped since. Four Acres (the amount of land we own) has been our vlog on how we are turning our fixer upper into a home we love. We do everything on our own and have a super tight budget so we definitely always need to stay creative. If you want to laugh, be entertained and maybe even learn a thing or two- come join us as we make our Four Acres a labor of love and hard work!